This Year. This Mess.

So, not a whole bunch of people know this. About two months before Christmas last year, I found a lump in a lymph gland in my neck. It turned out to be benign, and I am extremely thankful.

But, I had about eight weeks — from detection to biopsy to results — to ponder life. And one of the things I found bothered me was that I had these bins and bins of fabric and stuff that I intended to someday make into something.

I’ve decided this is the year I’m getting rid of my bins of “future” sewing projects. Starting now, I’m either going to sew it, donate it or give it away. I’m going public on this to help keep me accountable to clear through my stuff. Every year I have planned to sew through these projects, and every year I haven’t. I’m giving myself one year.

So, here we go. My first project. Re-covering this water-stained, small ironing board.

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