Don’t Tell


We found a leak in the wall of my sewing room. I was hoping it was something we could just ignore and it would go away. You know, fix itself. But, I guess that’s not how it works. At least that’s what the repair guy said.

Turns out the wall’s been leaking for awhile. Long enough to rot wood in the exterior wall, studs, and pieces of woods with names I can’t recall. Sigh. Having corners of your sewing room hidden by shelves of fabric is not a good idea when your roof decides it wants fill your wall with water. Who knew a roof could be so devious?

Ok. So, I have to confess. This leak has caused me to have to face my, ahem, condition? I hoard all things sewing. Fabric mostly. But also thread. And ribbon. And notions. And buttons. And zippers. And tons and tons of stuff. It all became crystal clear when I had to clear EVERYTHING out of my sewing room. My hubster was shocked at how well I pack. Well, that’s not how he put it. I think it shows how well I pack…er, yeh. What the hubster really was surprised about was how much came out of that room. It was like the magician pulling stuff out of that bottomless black hat. Until every spare space in our master bedroom was filled. And then all the space in the front room. And under couches. And in all the empty spaces in the living room.

And that was just all the “spare” stuff. Stuff I didn’t need to work on my Christmas stockings.

I set up my temporary sewing room in my youngest daughter’s bedroom. It’s not pretty. I have the room until she comes home from college for Christmas break. She would be appalled at how I’ve destroyed the “coolness” of her room. Nope. No feng shui happening here. So, don’t tell. Hopefully, the sewing room repair finishes before mid December. Otherwise, I have no idea where I’m gonna put all this stuff and pretty sure youngest daughter isn’t going to want to sleep out in the garage. . . .

Sewing with Tom Hardy (poster) staring at me,




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